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Appreciating Vintage & Independent Brands with Chubb Singapore

In collaboration with partner; Chubb Singapore, 2ToneVintage Watches hosted 4 sessions of workshop on appreciating vintage watches, as well as watches from independent brands. For the first time ever, 2ToneVintage Watches shared details on how the procurement team qualifies every single vintage watches that arrive at the showroom and service centre. This is a preview into what is to come for the many months ahead – events and workshops related to the watch collecting culture.

Collectability of Vintages & Independents – Talking Technicalities

For 2ToneVintage Watches (2ToneVintage), the month of May has been an especially eventful one, with the debut of their educational workshop designed to share knowledge, and to forward the watch collecting culture. The workshops are hosted at the pop-up at Scotts Square in collaboration with Chubb Singapore, touching on some very interesting aspects of watch curation to some of 45 participants from Chubb and 2ToneVintage’s clientele.

Vintage Collecting & Ticking the Checkboxes

Most participants are no stranger to vintage watches being hammered at record-breaking prices at auctions due to how the web and social media propels information today but it is definitely not common knowledge in understanding the prerequisites these watches met and why price may vary across a vintage timepiece of the same model, and even the same year at an auction or vintage retailer. Here is probably the most interesting aspect of the event, as for the first time, the prerequisites of qualifying a vintage timepiece was shared. The internal processes and what the procurement team at 2ToneVintage Watches specifically look out for in every timepiece, not only exemplifies the professionalism and quality-guarantee 2ToneVintage offers, but also how intricate and satisfying the curating journey can be. The very same stringent checklist that 2ToneVintage performs can very well be your own checklist!

“The pleasure of collecting vintage timepieces is the journey you undertake to find the watch that meets your criteria. Everyone should have criteria and not just buy because a friend has it, or because of the brand. If certain criteria are met, you may very well find a treasure – an auction-grade collectable in the making! Watch collecting should be fun and fulfilling.” Says Ali Nael, Founder & CEO of 2ToneVintage Watches.

“We can’t touch into all elements and our grading guideline due to time constraint but the point is to encourage the audience to create their own checklist and make it as comprehensive as possible. Generally, if the watch fulfils 7/10 of your criteria for example, it’s a go! We want you to enjoy the process as much as we do. My team does have fun and find the process challenging.” He added.

“ Watch collecting should be fun and fulfilling”.

Ali Nael,
Founder & CEO, 2ToneVintage Watches

Understanding & Qualifying Independent Brands

In conjunction with Cultured Watch, the sister brand of 2ToneVintage Watches, a second segment touching on the collectability of independent brands was also of high interest to the audience.

“Overall, I would say this event has been very fulfilling and enriching”, says Nelson Lee, co-Founder of Cultured Watch.

“Many would see how prices multiplied by at least 5-times for some watches and they never really understood why.” he added.

As part of the presentation, the factors of collectability for each brands that Cultured Watch represents was shared, which surely provided some ideas of criteria for the audience in the creation of their personal checklist. “Watch collecting is a very personal and if I may say, biased even, experience and journey. There are no one single way to qualify a good collector piece but we hope our own checklist helped in creating a guide for the audience.” says Nelson.

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