Apr 14, 2022

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Officially Accepting Crypto For Vintage Watches

2ToneVintage Watches now officially accepts Crypto-currency payments for our collection and this is a first for the watch retail and distribution industry in Singapore. In partnership with FOMO Pay, 2ToneVintage Watches not only accept Crypto payments but also provide a secured and regulated channel for such transactions. Read more about it!


Singapore / Apr 7, 2022/ GMT+8 1030 hrs

We are excited to announce that as of 24 March 2022, 2ToneVintage Watches accepts Crypto-currency payments for our collection. Partnering FOMO Pay Pte Ltd (FOMO Pay) in this aspect, we became the first company in the watch industry to accept this mode of payment in Singapore and more importantly, we are able to provide a secured and regulated channel through FOMO Pay’s DTPS.


2ToneVintage Watches and its sister companies were established from the outset to be more than just another watch retailer and distributor. The gradual adoption of Crypto-payment is becoming very obvious in other industries and we as retailers with both a shop front and web presence are indeed experiencing more enquiries with such a request. Ali Nael, Founder & CEO at 2ToneVintage Watches, said, “Luxury watches have long been a collector’s item, and have also gained popularity as an alternative asset class. FOMO Pay’s solution provides us with the flexibility to expand our range of payment methods accepted from buyers who have varying payment preferences – which will open more opportunities for new buyers to reach out to us.”

Through FOMO Pay, we now accept the following Crypto-currencies; BitCoin, Ethereum, USDT & USDC.

 2ToneVintage Watches in the Newspaper dated 1 April 2022, for accepting Crypto-currencies.


We are among the first batch of merchants to use FOMO Pay’s Crypto-currency payment services, of which we have full confidence in its services and further developments as FOMO Pay is the first firm to be given a digital payment token service license by MAS. This is testament to their recognition as a well-established, stable and reliable FinTech company in Singapore. When FOMO Pay was licensed by MAS, we see that as a very strong indicator of what the near future holds for Crypto-currencies. We are all in an exciting era of revolution! We congratulate FOMO Pay once again in its success.

As a business, we need to constantly find ways to be relevant and sustainable. Looking at how far Crypto-currency and blockchain technology have come, from skepticism to banks adopting blockchain for secured transactions today, I believe that Crypto-currencies will inevitably be a big part of the financial systems in time to come.

Ali Nael,
Founder & CEO, 2ToneVintage Watches

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