Why Insure Your Watches

Our service goes beyond advising on a suitable piece to acquire. We care about the preservation of your precious collection. The watches we curate and sell are not just fine and exquisite work of art, It is an appreciating asset.

Your watch collection are valuable appreciating assets and it deserves protection against the odds. We are aware that for some, it can even be a priceless heirloom passed from generation to generation. This is especially true in the case of vintage and rare watches we offer here at 2ToneVintage Watches. Just like how museum-grade art pieces, properties and jewelleries are insured and protected, these expensive timepieces should be insured with a coverage that goes beyond the principle vale.

In collaboration with Chubb, 2ToneVintage is now offering insurance coverage for watches that not only covers for potential damages, loss and theft, but also your way of life. 

We always say; “There are no other investments that you can wear out with joy and prestige in the likes of a watch”

Accounts of watches getting damaged in an accident, stolen and even robbed at knife point isn’t anything novel. These have stopped many collectors from wearing out their beloved collection but what is the point of investing in that special timepiece when you can’t wear it?

Attend a gala dinner thousands of miles away, explore a foreign city, party on a yacht or go diving, all the while enjoying that precious asset on your wrist with absolute peace of mind.

Watch Insured. Lifestyle Assured.

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