Watches meet a myriad of prerequisites before landing in the display showcases at 2ToneVintage Watches.


2ToneVintage Watches was established in 2017 by Founder & CEO, Mr. Ali Nael. Being a fervent collector of vintage watches, the Founder made it a point to ensure that every piece of watches in the Gallery are rare, special, original and authentic.

Other than vintage wristwatches, we also offer the market vintage pocket watches, collectible clocks, contemporary watches and accessories, such as straps and watch boxes. With our in-house Swiss WOSTEP watchmaker and a service centre, we guarantee that every watch you buy from 2ToneVintage Watches is authentic and in perfect working condition.


We curate rare & significant timepieces from the global market.

Our watches and clocks are sourced from both the local market, and from reliable sources from all around the globe. At the same time, we also ship directly to customers globally, especially in the United States and South-East Asia. Today, 2ToneVintage Watches is the go-to retailer for some the rarest, the most unique and most sought-after vintage watches locally and regionally.

2ToneVintage Watches - The finest collection of vintage luxury timepieces in Singapore
Educating with no biasness.

Whether you are a gentlemen or a lady, 2ToneVintage Watches make sure there’s a watch for you, and you can be a collector too.

We look forward to building a long-term relationship based on trust and openness, and here at 2ToneVintage Watches, every customer is a friend. All our sales personnel are trained and experienced in the domain of both vintage watches and contemporary pieces so that we are always ready to provide professional and real advice on your purchases or collection.

Here at 2ToneVintage Watches, we always look forward to sharing our passion for vintage watches.

Small & Ambitious

At the beginning, we fronted a small showroom of only 700qft, with three display cabinet and 2 tables. It was literally a room.

Other than offering some vintage watches from the Founder’s personal collection, the business started to trade preloved contemporary pieces. Due to the amazing collection of our Founder, Ali Nael and the great foresight displayed by both the sales team and Ali himself, the business quickly gained traction and built a trusting relationship with its customers.

It wasn’t long before a proper gallery was set-up at the same location, fronting a 1,300 sqft fully-furnished retail space, which included a fully-equipped watch servicing and restoration centre. As our core products are vintage watches, an in-house service centre is critical to our operations.

Today, 2ToneVintage Watches is operated by a crew of ten, including the Founder & CEO, Mr. Ali Nael himself. We look forward to an even more exciting and eventful years ahead, together with our treasured customers.